How to treat open pores

Open pores is generally referred to visible and conspicuous pinpoint pits or depressions, usually in the cheek area. Contrary to normal belief, the entire skin has pores and all are supposed to be open as they serve a purpose. So, it is a misnomer to consider it a disorder or a condition that needs to be treated.sni

Some people however, notice it and therefore expect it to be treated. As mentioned earlier that it is not a disorder but just that the pores may be more conspicuous in some people. The reason is generally genetic and you would frequently see it in your relatives as well.sni

Treating them would not mean closing the pores entirely. And we should not do it even if we can, for two reasons. First, the pores perform a regular physiological function and second, we cannot entirely make them disappear or “close” them.sni

How to make pores less obvious

There are certain procedures that can make them less obvious which usually serves the purpose. There, however, is no medicine that can accomplish this to ones satisfaction. One would need the help of various procedures to achieve the goal. Most common procedures include some kind of a rejuvenating manoeuvre like IPL, Laser, Radiofrequency treatment or dermarollers/dermapens.sni

All these procedures help in deposition and reorientation of new collagen that makes the skin a little tighter hence making the pores less prominent.sni

There are products that may induce some inflammation in the skin making it a little thicker and tighter. But this is a temporary affair as the skin quickly heals the inflammation and brings the skin and texture back to normal. Another product that can improve it to some extent is topical Vit-A derivatives and that too when used over a long period of time.sni

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