SN: Tell us something about yourself. I do both Reconstruction and Cosmetic procedures and my main area of interest is body contouring and non surgical procedures. SN: What does plastic surgery deal with? In broader perspective, plastic surgery deals with reconstruction, cosmetic and burns. They include birth defects like cleft lip and

A French philosopher, Marquis de Sade once said, “the primary and most beautiful of nature's qualities is motion.” It denotes life and its absence is death. Motion in humans is experienced with the help of bones, joints, and muscles. This along with ligaments, cartilage and tendons make up our musculoskeletal system that enables us

SN: Do pulmonologists deal with lung diseases only Pulmonologists deal with diseases related to the respiratory system; the chest and the respiratory tract. This includes lungs and chest problems and certain types of allergies. Moreover, we also look into diseases of other organs that involve the lungs as well. For instance, scleroderma

When it comes to tea, how do you like yours? “Karak” or “dumdarr” (strong), “cheeni rok kay, patti thok kay” (less sugar, more tea leaves), “malai maar kay” (with cream) or simply “doodh patti” (more milk, less tea leaves)? These are probably the common preferences in Pakistani culture. Tea lovers are usually particul

SN: Tell us something about yourself. I grew up in Multan, Pakistan and received my MBBS degree from The Aga Khan University, Karachi. I completed my post-graduate training at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas USA. My practice focuses on management of patients with complex coronary artery disease as well as peripheral arterial

Last year local newspapers reported a strong case against a team of doctors at a public hospital in Islamabad. According to the reports, Mohammad Farooq, a father of five daughters, lodged a complaint that the doctors stole his twin babies. During an initial ultrasound the doctor had informed the mother she was going to have two boys. But