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The challenges of autism

Autism is often thought to be caused by bad parenting. However, abnormal development of the brain is its actual cause. This abnormal development can be in three main areas; communication, relationships and interest and behaviors. Autistics sometimes have difficulties in one or another of these areas. Such children often have symptoms of depression, anxiety, anger or attention deficient.sni

Early interventions with special education can however, help children with the problem. Though, verbal communication is a big hindrance for autistics. Some teachers and therapists however, can help to develop other means of communication and connection.sni

Autistic disorders range from mild to severe. Pervasive developmental disorder is an autistic disorder that does not present with all the symptoms of autism. Asperger’s disorder on the other hand, is a type of autism in which a child can speak correctly. But struggles with the finer points of social language use. At the more severe end autism often co-occurs with severe intellectual disability, learning problems or persistent seizures.sni

Challenges of autism


Autistic children may not babble at the expected time (around six to twelve months) and often are late to say words. They often repeat words meaninglessly and cannot carry on a conversation. They also have a problem with non verbal communication. They do not use eye contact to show they are listening or point to the things they find interesting.sni


Infants with autism may not cuddle normally or reach out to be picked up. They often ignore peers or interact in unwanted ways as they cannot read the social cues that mean “I am ready to play now” or “leave me alone”. Autistics can show affection to their parents but in unusual ways such as backing up into someone as a way to request a hug.sni

Interest and behavior

These children often tend to repeat certain behaviors as they are fascinated by them. If you try to modify their routine, they may end up with a tantrum. For instance, they may love spinning objects. You may notice, they often spin their bodies and twist or flap their hands. They may repetitively rock back and forth as well.sni

Treating autism

Early intensive education along with focusing on communication is what matters in autism therapy. Several hours each day may be required to improve the condition. Speech and language, physical and occupational therapies may be required for them. Medicines, however, do not help in curing the underlying problems in autism.sni

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