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Basic life support (BLS)

Basic life support (BLS) is the key medical help given to a patient in different emergency medical conditions. It can prove to be extremely beneficial when it comes to saving a life by using  the first two to three golden minutes of emergency effectively. Therefore, it is highly important to note that the goal of BLS is not to treat the patient but to offer basic life-saving support only.sni

The process is majorly applied to patients having respiratory or cardiac arrest. It helps to revive heartbeat and breathing of an unconscious person. The procedure can be highly useful if given in the right way. Here we will discuss BLS for adults. BLS for infants is different.sni


Your safety comes first. Check if you are secure enough to offer help. Make sure there is no danger in going near to the injured person or causality.sni

Shake & Shout

Shake and shout at the patient for response and if there is no response then he may be having a cardiac arrest. Call for help or ambulance. Start BLS.sni

Give 30 chest compressions and two breaths

Start to compress chest by putting heal of hand in its center where ribs unite. Put other hand on top of the first hand. Keeping your elbows straight, position shoulders on your hands to press them fully. This requires force.sni

Count 30 compressions followed by two mouth to mouth breaths (if you feel safe regarding infections). It is given by tilting the head backwards and lifting the chin. Pinch nose and take deep breath out in patient’s mouth.sni

Continue till:sni

Help arrives (then handover the patient).sni

Sign of life appears (then reassess by shaking and shouting; now check pulse).sni

You are exhausted or unable to continue.sni

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