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Basic trauma life support

Basic trauma life support or BTLS is extremely essential for a society suffering from many natural and manmade disasters and trauma. Under these circumstances, right handling of the victim can save them from further injury and even death. In case of accidents, emergencies or massive destructions, following steps should be followed by the laymen present there.sni

For individual or small scale trauma

 In this case, trauma-safety approach should be applied. For this check you safety first and then do the following:sni

Check airway of the victim. Talk to him. Do not try or encourage him to move neck because this can damage the spine. Touch spine from head side, if required. Ensure neck and spine is in place (lift chin if he is unconscious to examine if he is breathing).sni

Call for help. Arrange vehicle for hospital.sni

Most common cause of patients dying with trauma is bleeding. Internal bleeding cannot be handled by laymen but for external bleeding, press and hold the bleeding area. Put pressure on it. Do not touch the wound with bare hands. Use tissue or gloves instead (or a shopping bag), and tie a piece of cloth on the wound.sni

 Mass scale trauma

Basic rule of BTLS in such cases is the right judgment, analysis and prioritizing the victims according to the severity of injury.sni

Even in case of multiple victims, check your safety first.sni

Shout loudly, “everybody stand up and come to me.” Whoever stands up should be considered fine. Guide them to a safer place and reassure that you will come back.sni

Proceed to rest of the victims and start shaking and shouting. Check their airways and follow the BTLS instructions.sni

If not, then either start BLS (chest compressions). If dead, move to the next patient. Repeat.sni

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