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MYTH: Pregnant women should avoid exercise

When women get pregnant especially for the first time, they worry about a lot of things. And when others get to know about this they also give them suggestions about what they should do and what not. It is true that taking extra care in pregnancy is important for both the baby and mother. But some things, although commonly believed and practiced are not right. For example, one of the most common advice they get is that pregnant women should avoid exercise.sni

Gulshan Ara Saeed, a gynecologist from Islamabad says this is a misconception. Generally, elderly women advice pregnant women to avoid exercise as they think it can lead to bleeding or miscarriage. But it is not true. Women should exercise and keep in mind that they should not exhaust or tire themselves while working out. A normal, light workout in fact is good for them. Overexertion to the point of tiredness should however, be avoided.sni

Exercise during pregnancy

Here is a simple pose with which your spine, legs, hands and neck get flexed. This pose eases pain and gently massages the abdominal organs. For this exercise, follow the steps mentioned below:sni

Sit erect with feet stretched in front (parallel).sni

Move your left leg up. Inhale and raise your arms at shoulder level, palms facing down. The arm should be placed on your knee.sni

Exhale and twist your body from waist towards left moving head and hands simultaneously to the same side. Swing arms back as much as possible. Do not bend your knees. Inhale.sni

Repeat on the other side.sni

You can perform other mild exercises as well. Consult your doctor before starting any exercise.sni

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