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Chest pain: First Aid

 Chest pains are often considered deadly or a symptom of heart attack. However, not all chest pains are deadly or indication of heart attack. They fall under two main categories: minor and serious.sni

Minor causes of chest pain can be pneumonia, bronchitis, rib arthritis, rib or chest injury, herpes zoster (viral skin disease), gas trouble or problem in the gall bladder. sni

Puncture in the lungs, is a serious condition in which air is filled in the chest causing pain and shortness of breath. Heart attack and blood clot in chest vessels are serious too. All of them require immediate attention. One must know their history and risk factors. No first aid should be taken in this case. Home remedies to relieve pain should also not be applied as they may worsen the condition. So contact a doctor immediately.sni

First aid for minor causes of chest pain

Firstly, observe your condition for some time. Then sit down, if you are lying or lay down if you are sitting. If the condition worsens by doing this then it is gas trouble. Avoid self-medication.sni

Wait for the pain to subside if it is not accompanied with other symptoms such as dizziness, cough, fever, problem breathing or sinking feeling. Paracetamol can be taken to relieve pain that is not accompanied by any other symptoms.sni

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