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MYTH: You can spoil babies by holding them frequently

It is natural for a parent to pick up a crying baby. However if you hold him a lot more often than you put him down then you hear comments like, “you will spoil the baby.” But can you really spoil babies by holding them frequently? Dr Shahid Aslam, a pediatrician from Lahore says that it is not proved medically. If a child’s pamper is wet or feels too cold or warm, he wants to be picked up. If he is properly fed and kept in a comfortable environment then he remains peaceful for most of the time. Sometimes, babies want to be cuddled and loved. It is natural and parents should give them proper time.sni

Children who want to be held all the time even as they grow are actually tamed in their early days by their parents and relatives. But parents should not be worried about it. They can taper off the habit gradually.sni

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