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MYTH: Sleeping without pillow is good for posture

Some people like sleeping on pillows while others find them uncomfortable. Also, many tend to believe that sleeping without pillow is good for posture. Although there are some benefits of sleeping without a pillow but they many not be for everyone.sni

Our neck muscles need support during sleep and without a pillow that cannot be achieved. It, in fact can cause problems in posture. Maintaining an appropriate sleeping posture is necessary to keep the body correctly aligned and to avoid problems. A pillow therefore, is a must.sni

Choosing the right pillow

The hardness or softness and thickness of the pillow matters. A soft and low heighted pillow should be preferred as it keeps the neck flexible and does not increase the neck curve.sni

People who use two pillows or one hard pillow will have altered neck curvatures. The alignment of the neck alters and becomes bony when the curve of the neck is more. This increases pressure on the muscles causing muscle spasm, pain and stiffness.sni

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