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Psychotherapy can be defined as a talking therapy. In this therapy, the client expresses his problems and difficulties and the therapist finds ways to solve them. It relies on talking about the problems rather than using medicine or drugs. There are many types of psychotherapy. For example, cognitive behaviour therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, trauma focus therapy and cognitive analytic therapy. sni

Therapists do not use just one form of therapy but a combination of them to best fit the client’s needs. There is no single one correct form of therapy. However, different therapists lean towards their favourite approach over others. This comes down to individual preference and does not mean one mode of therapy is better than the other.sni

Is psychotherapy effective?sni

There has been a lot of research suggesting that psychotherapy is effective and helps treat problems and illnesses. But over the years critics argue that psychotherapy in fact can make people worse.The debate over the efficacy of psychotherapy has been ongoing since 1952, when Hans Eysenck, a German-born psychologist, brought this topic to light. His argument was based more on the fact that psychoanalysis was not the only form of therapy that had to be used. But however other psychotherapies can equally provide positive results.sni

In more recent times, the arguments that arise regarding psychotherapy entail comments like it takes so long to resolve the problem, it is so expensive or I will have to talk to a stranger about my personal issues. Some of these comments may be true but they are not set in stone. Every session varies depending on how the client wants to lead the sessions. The emphasis within psychotherapy is around ‘collaborative’ working. Meaning the therapist and client share ideas together and both take control on how the sessions will run.sni

When the client feels the therapist is not really listening to the problem or giving ineffective problem solving tips, it is then psychotherapy can be seen as more harmful. Despite the number of people reporting it to be ineffective, overall people’s views towards it have changed over the years. Hence, the efficacy of psychotherapy falls down to individual preference. The general view is that it is beneficial, and as with all treatments there are patches within sessions when it appears things are getting worse. However, crossing this phase is necessary to treat the underlying issue completely. And it comes down to whether the client is willing to take this challenge or not.sni

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