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BELIEVE IT OR NOT: Antibiotics & Pregnancy, Oral Hygiene & Braces, Tea & Dryness


Antibiotics & Pregnancy, Oral Hygiene & Braces, Tea & Dryness


Eggs are ‘hot’ and oranges are ‘cold’; excessive milk intake gives fairer complexion and tea does the opposite. Blood donation causes permanent weakness. Honey is useful in winters – so forth and so on. We hear many such things that many more people rather religiously follow. Mostly people use or abandon different things and practices on hearsay. This tendency about a matter as serious as health can be quite dangerous. In “Believe it or Not” we bring you common beliefs about health and truth about them  from experts. f

Antibiotics should not be used during pregnancy

We need to assess the benefit and risk ratio when prescribing medicine during pregnancy. An antibiotic is prescribed to an expectant mother when for instance she has high grade fever caused by infection and it has the risk of harming the pregnancy. But the medicine can only be taken after the physician’s consultation as she will prescribe safe-antibiotics that have been proven through research. Patient should not at any time self-medicate because they are not aware which medicine is safe. This is not just limited to antibiotics. During pregnancy, unnecessary medicines like painkillers or acidity relieving should be avoided unless the physician prescribes them. Moreover, most viral infections settle down on their own with passage of time so there is no need to take medicine.g
Dr Bushra Babar, Gynecologist
KRL Hospital

It is difficult to maintain oral hygiene with fixed braces

It is true. Maintaining hygiene with braces is difficult as compared to maintaining it without them. And it becomes all the more necessary to maintain it as a lot of oral problems like mouth odor, dental caries and gum disease can be caused if people do not maintain hygiene with braces. Instead of being useful, braces may prove harmful. When patients get their braces fixed, dentists guide them the appropriate technique of brushing with braces. They should not let any food particle get stuck between the teeth and brushing should be done after every meal. Flossing becomes important when any food particle gets stuck in the teeth. Using a mouthwash can also prevent plaque formation.g
Dr Imtiaz Ahmed, Dentist
Shifa International Hospital

Taking tea excessively causes dryness

Green tea has certain side effects but they are rare. It can cause dryness in the sense that some people can have constipation. Skin dryness is not something prominent but some people do experience it as well. Green tea however, can cause mouth dryness depending on the consistency of the tea. A dark green tea may cause the symptom but not a light one. Regular tea, on the other hand, usually enhances intestine motility. So it has nothing to do with dryness. There is a general misconception that tea is bad or unhealthy. Well, tea itself is not bad. Its use however makes it harmful. Excess of anything is bad. People addicted to taking tea complain of lethargy and tiredness if they do not take it. Moreover, taking tea on empty stomach can cause acidity which then promotes ulcers.g
Madiha Anwar, Dietitian
Nutrition Health Consultants

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