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Motion sickness

Motion sickness is also known as kinetosis. It is a condition which causes a disagreement or conflict between visually perceived movement and the sense of balancing movement. Dr Ahsan Mumtaz, a pediatrician based in Lahore says it is due to a battle between the brain and eyes.sni

During travel, the inner ear transmits to the brain that it senses motion, but the eyes tell the brain that everything is still. As a result, the brain comes to the conclusion that the individual is hallucinating or confused and it is probably due to food poisoning. Finally, brain responds by producing vomit.sni

Seconding the opinion, Dr Sujna Chandrasekhar, an ENT surgeon at the New York head and neck institute says the condition is a mismatch between what your brain and body experience.sni

Symptoms of Motion Sickness

Other than nausea and vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, restlessness, sometimes tummy aches and loss of appetite can also occur in motion sickness. Dr Ahsan says the body tends to feel sick in response to being moved about too much. Mostly it is common among children between three to 12 years of age. But at the same time it can resume in a later age as well. In some cases it can be mild and in some severe. It can even happen while travelling on a boat, ship, plane, rides and swings. For most, it diminishes with time.sni


According to Dr Ali Ahmad, a pediatrician based in Islamabad, by adopting safety measures, parents can minimize the symptoms and improve the condition.sni

Rest and Travel

Some people experience motion sickness while travelling in specific kind of transport or swings for that matter. Firstly, try to avoid travelling on the vehicle as much as you can. If necessary, then take short intervals or breaks while on the journey. Dr Ali says that rest and travel can prove to be a good policy.sni

Prolonged and continuous travelling enhances the problem. Choose a seat at the front or near the window for fresh air supply. Fresh air reduces the symptoms especially nausea. Do not read or watch TV or videos during journey, instead look outside.sni

Do not overdress your child. Avoid wearing strong perfumes and scents. Smoking can worsen motion sickness, so avoid it in the car.sni

Travelling Time

Choose a travelling time that is your child’s sleep time; especially in the evening or early in the morning. These are the perfect nap times for a child. Nap can resolve the issue to some extent. Moreover, divert the child’s attention. Shifting of focus can lessen the intensity. Also, keep him engaged with music or chitchat.sni

Avoid Overeating

When it comes to food, avoid eating spicy and fatty foods during and before the journey. And do not overeat. Always go for light snacks and liquids. Fat tends to induce vomiting. Fruits however, can be a good choice.sni

Keep calm

Keep your child calm but before this, calm yourself. Keep enough plastic bags, wipes and water to clean in case of vomiting.sni

Natural Ingredients

Sometimes the aroma of ginger and lemon can make one feel fresh. Even eating a tangy sweet can work. A study published in the American journal of physiology reported that ginger effectively reduces nausea. It acts as an important agent in the prevention and treatment of motion sickness.snii


Acupressure technique is a popular method used in the West to control the condition. Pressing on the insides of the wrists can lessen the symptoms. Wrist bands are also available in the West for this purpose.sni

Though the problem can run in your genes, it is not necessary that all your kids will suffer from the same issue. According to Dr Ahsan, certain medicines can be prescribed to counter this sensory conflict. Sedating antihistamines also work well for some. It is a self-limiting disorder. Therefore, prevention of the motion is the key to

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