Does heat cause nosebleeds

Nosebleed is common in summers but it is not only related to summer heat. It can occur in winters too.sni

Bleeding occurs when the nose becomes too dry either due to summer heat or excessive use of heaters in cold season. The lining of the nose tip has tiny blood vessels which are sensitive. You tend to scratch or nose-pick when dryness occurs hence causing the nose to bleed. There is however, no definite cause of nosebleed. But dryness and high blood pressure can contribute to the problem.sni

Drink lots of water to avoid dryness and maintain hygiene. Use saline drops to relieve dryness in adults.sni

How to deal with nosebleed?sni

Once bleeding has occurred, do not panic:sni

Go to the sink and determine which nostril is bleeding.sni

Bend your head to the front and keep that nostril pressed for five to 10 minutes. It takes around six minutes for the blood to clot.sni

If the bleeding persists then visit a doctor. Titling your head to the back can cause the blood to drain to the lungs.sni

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