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Yearly eye examination can help identify problems

 Common Eye Problems

sni“Yearly eye examination can help identify problems and avoid complications”,sni

says Dr Huma Kayani Saigol, an ophthalmologist at Sri Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore

SN: Which eye diseases are common in Pakistan?sni

Conjunctivitis and blepharitis are the most common diseases. Conjunctivitis can be bacterial, viral or allergic in origin. It causes pink or red eye, itching, irritation and burning and increase in tear production. Blepharitis is a disease of the eyelids in which dandruff sticks to the roots of the eyelashes, causing itching and heaviness around eyes. Other than this, infections like stye (red bump at edge of eyelid), preseptal cellulitis (redness and swelling of eyelids) and allergies are also seen here.sni

SN: What are the causes?sni

They differ depending on the disease. Seasonal changes can cause allergies and infections, poor hygiene and low immunity can cause viral and bacterial conjunctivitis, unclean hands can cause stye and insect bites can lead to swollen eyelids.sni

SN: What type of treatments are available in the country?sni

Ophthalmology has advanced over the years. Treatments available in Pakistan are at par with international standards. We cater to all sort of eye issues like vision problem, infections, dry eyes, age related eye diseases and association with other systemic diseases. Surgical treatments like cataract removal, lens implantation, glaucoma and retinal surgery and corneal transplant are done here. Moreover, ocular cosmetic treatments and surgeries, laser treatment to remove eye glasses and other eye diseases are also in practice.sni

SN: How can lens affect one’s eyes and vision?sni

Contact lens serve different purposes. Those used to enhance appearance are called cosmetic lens. Young girls in particular like to wear them at functions. On the other hand vision correction lens helps us see well. They are cosmetically better and people feel more confident wearing them as they are not obvious. But wearing and taking them off is a cumbersome task. Also, keeping them clean is important. If not handled carefully they can cause dry eye, infection and intolerance towards lens. Avoid wearing them to sleep as they can dehydrate the cornea.sni

SN: How can wrong eyesight glasses harm eyes and vision?sni

Wrong glasses number will result in discomfort in viewing objects. Headache, eye ache, watering, blurry vision and image distortion can also occur. It is important to have the right eye number and right placement of lens in spectacles for comfortable and clear vision.sni

SN: An individual with normal vision can weaken his eyesight by wearing powered glasses. Is this correct?sni

It does not affect or worsen a normal vision. However, it can cause discomfort and watery eyes. Also, the person wearing it will have a blurred view.sni

SN: How does reading in low light affect your vision?sni

It results in eye strain, eye ache, watery eyes and headache. To avoid unnecessary eye strain, use proper room lights while reading.sni

SN: How does excess screen time affect the eyes?sni

Prolonged screen time, which includes watching TV at a close distance can cause eye ache, eye strain and headache. Blinking helps lubricate the eyes. However, it reduces when watching something closely, hence making the eyes feel dry. Some children can see better when sitting close. Therefore, eye examination is required to look for refractive problem called myopia or short sightedness. Wearing proper spectacles can help deal with the problem.sni

SN: What are the main causes of blindness? Is it reversible?sni

The main causes are cataracts and glaucoma. Blindness due to cataract is reversible and a common one. In this case due to loss of lens transparency, light cannot reach the light sensitive area called retina. It can be treated through surgical removal and replacement of intraocular lens. Blindness caused by glaucoma is irreversible. The uncontrolled intraocular pressure damages the optic nerve and causes slow progressive loss of vision. Other causes of blindness are diabetic retinopathy, corneal opacities and retinal detachment. These when treated timely can prevent blindness.sni

SN: How can we manage blind people at home?sni

Blind people need special attention. It is better to arrange a helper, so they can move around easily. They get accustomed to the surroundings especially their room so their furniture should be safe and placed to their comfort. This will help them memorize and find their way around. Spend time with them to relieve their anxiety and depression. Provide devices like intercom or bell so they can communicate easily.sni

SN: What are corneal dystrophies?sni

Corneal dystrophies are a group of genetic, often progressive, eye disorders in which abnormal material gets deposited in different layers of the cornea. This effects clarity of vision. It can cause mild to severe visual disturbance depending on density of deposits. They are usually seen in early life and can increase with age.sni

SN: What is the reason behind sudden blurriness?sni

Sudden blurriness is usually due to bleeding within the eye, retinal detachment or artery blockage. Inflammation (uveitis) or optic nerve inflammation can also lead to sudden drop of vision. This is usually an emergency that needs prompt examination and treatment.sni

SN: What is dry eye?sni

Dry eye syndrome means reduced or complete absence of tear production. Tears hydrate the exposed outer surface of eye and provide antibodies to prevent infection. Whereas dry eyes lead to excessive blinking, foreign body sensation (as if something is in the eye), redness and loss of luster. This can later on effect vision. This condition can be improved by using artificial tears.sni

SN: What causes excessive tears?sni

There are many causes which need attention and examination. Major ones are decreased vision, allergy, infection and dust in the eyes. In babies there can be obstruction of tear duct causing stagnation of tear in the eye.sni

SN: How can visual impairment be identified in infants?sni

Assessment at the time of birth by a pediatrician can help identify such problem. Presence of retinal (red) glow means the eye is normal. Whereas absence indicates something alarming. Moreover, a baby starts following light and sound within a month of birth. They turn their heads and eyes towards the direction of sound and light. Other ways to evaluate this is by observing if the baby makes eye contact and looks at colors and movement of objects. Abnormality in any one of these indicates that vision and eye needs to be checked and evaluated in detail.sni

SN: Which fruits and vegetables increase your vision?sni

Fruits rich in vitamin A, D and C are good for eyes and vision.sni

SN: Is there anything you would like to add at the end?sni

Get your eye examined once a year. Treatment is possible if issues like eye pressure, cataract and diabetic eye changes are diagnosed early. Also, maintain good hygiene to prevent infections and eat healthy foods to build immunity.sni

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