Cold Sores

Cold sore is a common problem and most people can recognize it when they see one. In medical jargon, a cold sore is also known as Herpes Simplex. Getting a cold sore once or twice a year is not an issue but some individuals would get it more frequently, and that is when it starts bothering you.sni

Causes of Cold Sores

Cold sore is caused by a virus and usually once it infects an individual, it tends to stay in the body at a safe site tucked away from the immune surveillance for a long time (even a life time). It waits there for an appropriate moment to invade the skin, and it can do that repeatedly. It invades the skin whenever the immunity drops temporarily.sni

It is usually associated with common cold and/or sore throat, but other events like physical and mental stress, excessive sun exposure and periods etcetera can also trigger it.sni


Treatment for a cold sore is only effective if it starts early. The prodromal sign of itching and burning before the lesions is the most appropriate time to start the treatment. Once the cold sore becomes visible then the treatment is not quite effective.sni

Those who are frequently affected by this should keep a tube of Acyclovir Cream handy, or even carry it with them all the time as timely application is the essence of successful treatment.sni

One must apply this cream five to six times a day on the affected area as early as possible. It will abort the condition in a few days. It is also mportant to realize that cold sore is a viral infection and therefore contagious. Measures should be taken to avoid cross infection to others. If you get the cold sores too frequently then consult a dermatologist.sni

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