MYTH: Antiperspirants cause breast cancer

Many people think that antiperspirants cause breast cancer. Dr Muhammad Zulqarnain, an Oncologist from Lahore says there are no evidences or authentic reports to support this myth. If antiperspirants cause breast cancer then every other woman from Europe and America would fall prey to breast cancer. Because many of them use antiperspirants regularly. Family history is one of the major factors for this cancer. Up to 10 percent of the cases occur due to fault with genes or if there is a young patient in the family. However, 90 percent of cases include environmental factors like hormonal imbalance, late menopause and early onset of menstrual cycle. Other examples include use of pills that contain estrogen, undergoing gender change surgery, mid-term abortion, no breastfeeding or remaining single and exposure to radiations on chest.sni

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