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Skin is a mirror to inner health

Skin Issues

sni “Skin is a mirror to your inner health. Keep it hydrated and protected”, sni 

says Dr Ghazala Butt, a dermatologist at Mayo Hospital Lahore

SN: What is the best age to start skincare routine?  shifanews

People usually start skincare routine during teenage years. There is however no specific age for it. It may vary individually and depend on various factors like sun exposure, genetic disease or skin type etcetera.sni 

SN: Is water intake effective for skin? Does it treat issues like acne and melasma? shifanews 

Generally, water is good for the whole body. Despite being the largest organ of the body water reaches the skin at the end. Therefore people suggest drinking more water to deal with issues like melasma and acne. However, water only keeps the skin hydrated and helps avoid dry skin patches. But it cannot treat skin issues. shifanews 

SN: What are the different types of sunscreens? shifanews

They are of two types; physical and chemical. Physical sunscreens are the ones which work by staying on top of the skin and blocking ultraviolet (UV) rays. They include minerals like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which reflect and scatter UV radiations. Whereas chemical sunscreens are not visible. They absorb UV rays into the skin, convert them into heat and then release them back from the body.sni

SN: Which type is suitable according to the climate of Pakistan? shifanews 

Usage of sunscreen depends on the type of skin and sunscreen itself. Both the types are effective in blocking UV rays. Chemical sunscreens are usually used in Pakistan. shifanews 

SN: What are the common skin care issues in our region? shifanews 

People commonly come to me with issues like acne, melasma, hair loss, eczema, fungal & bacterial infections. shifanews 

SN: How can type of skin affect kinds of treatment? shifanews 

Skin type has nothing to do with the kind of treatment. It is same for oily and dry skin except that we use moisturizers for dry skin. The cause and type of issue determines the kind of treatment. For example, in case of melasma, we generally recommend sunblock, lightning creams and pico laser. If chronic disease is the cause, we need to treat the cause first. Otherwise treatment will not be effective. shifanews 

SN: What care is required after laser treatment? shifanews 

Use of sunscreen or antibiotic ointment is recommended in case of redness. Also, avoid strong sun exposure for a day. shifanews 

SN: How are hydra facials different from salon facials? Which one is better? shifanews 

Hydrafacial is done through laser. Different serums like vitamin C, glycolic and hydronic acid are used in this process to cleanse, extract and hydrate skin. Whereas in salons, chemical based products containing steroids are used. These steroids give off quick but temporary glow. The use of steroids results in pigmentation, facial hair and acne. So we prefer hydra facials as they are good for the skin. shifanews 

SN: Does diet affect the skin? shifanews 

Every organ of our body is affected by the kind of diet we take. But every issue has a different relation with food intake. We cannot generalize it but diet does affect our skin. shifanews 

SN: What foods should we avoid for common skin issues like acne, blotches and melasma? shifanews 

People with acne must avoid oily fried food, chocolates, carbonated drinks and canned food. Prefer homemade foods instead. Similarly, in case of blotches also avoid flavoring agents because sugary foods cause early wrinkling. Melasma usually occurs due to low hemoglobin level. So take iron rich diet like red beans, spinach and eggs. shifanews 

SN: How often should we cleanse and exfoliate our skin? shifanews 

The pigment that produces color is known as ‘melanin’. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells and form new cells, hence it is beneficial in pigmentation. Lightening creams, scrubs, glycolic acid peels and lasers can also help. Exfoliate at least twice a week. shifanews 

SN: Why does the skin breakout? shifanews 

Acne breakout can occur during puberty when bodies are undergoing hormonal changes. It may also occur before or during menstruation. Stress is yet another cause. Medicines like immunosuppressive drugs can also cause sudden breakout of the skin. shifanews 

SN: Women who use head scarf for prolonged periods often complain about hair problems. What can they do to prevent them? shifanews 

This is true to some extent. Hair follicle is a point from where hair grows. If the hair is tied up tightly or the head cover is too tight, blood flow to these follicles gets disturbed and can cause hair loss. Head cover and hair should be tied loosely, so the hair can breathe. shifanews 

SN: What is your take on balanced diet? shifanews 

Balanced diet is highly important for every individual. Include eggs, milk, yogurt, fresh juices, raw vegetables, less oily food, salads and seasonal fruits in your diet. Avoid junk food and prefer homemade food. shifanews 

SN: Use of facemasks has become common since the covid pandemic situation started. Do they have any role in causing skin problems? shifanews 

Facemasks can cause acne, rashes and allergies. We first have to look into what kind of mask people are using and suggest them to change the type of mask. If somebody is using a fabric mask, they are asked to shift to surgical and vice versa. Secondly medicines are prescribed according to the type of rash or allergy. shifanews 

SN: Why do nails become brittle? shifanews 

Our nails also need hydration like skin. There are various reasons behind their brittleness like fungal infection, over dryness and wetness and chronic skin diseases etcetera. Treating the root cause will solve the problem. However, if brittleness is caused due to wetness we suggest using gloves while doing daily chores. shifanews 

SN: Any tips to take care of our skin? shifanews 

Skin is the largest organ of the body and a mirror of your internal health. So take care of it. Hydration is important. Keep your skin moisturized at all times. Always keep a sunblock and moisturizer with you and use sunscreen even if you are not exposed to the direct sun. People above the age of 40 should use hydronic acid and vitamin C serums. Also, people who use makeup should wash their face properly before sleeping. Keep your diet healthy and make exercise a part of your daily routine. shifanews 

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