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Believe it or not

Eggs are ‘hot’ and oranges are ‘cold’; excessive milk intake gives fairer complexion and tea does the opposite. Blood donation causes permanent weakness. Honey is useful in winters – so forth and so on. We hear many such things that many more people rather religiously follow. Mostly people use or abandon different things and practices on hearsay. This tendency about a matter as serious as health can be quite dangerous. In “Believe it or Not” we bring you common beliefs about health and truth about them  from experts.

Taking milk after having fish can cause leukoderma (bars)
This has nothing to do with leukoderma. I have been practicing for more than 45 years and have not seen a single case relating to this. The actual reason behind this skin problem is the deficiency of vitamin A and D. Secondly, family history can be the reason as well. As a matter of fact, fish is rich in Vitamin A and D and it can be helpful in preventing this skin disease.
Dr Syed Mubarik Ali Zaidi, Medical Specialist
New Rahat Clinic

Frequent dying causes gray hair
This is true. When you keep applying external color or dye, it inhibits the natural hair color production. Besides this, some other factors are also responsible for gray hair like depression, unhealthy diet and working conditions. Regular dying should nevertheless be avoided.
Dr Maqsood Anwar, Dermatologist
Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences
There is however, difference of opinion among experts regarding the affect of hair dye on hair color. Some say that it affects while some consider it a misconception – Editor
Drinking water on empty stomach helps in weight loss
This kind of treatment is called hydrotherapy. Its roots can be traced to Japanese treating methods. According to this method, drinking one liter of water (approximately eight glasses) in the morning before brushing teeth helps not only in reducing weight but also controls blood pressure and diabetes. It relieves constipation and clears the urinary tract as well. One drawback of this procedure can be that excess water puts excess pressure on the kidneys. Moreover, it is difficult for a person to drink one liter water on the first day. Patients should therefore increase water quantity gradually. For instance, drink one glass of water on the first day and two on the second and so on.
Prof Khizer Hayat Raja, Nutritionist
Nutrition Valley

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