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Cheese & Tomato Dip

Cheese & Tomato Dip


Dry tomatoes           1 ounce
Cottage cheese        4 ounce
Mint leaves              1 tsp


sni1.    Soak tomatoes in lukewarm water to soften them. Drain the water after that. shifanews
sni2.    Add cheese, tomatoes and mint leaves in a chopper and make a soft paste. shifanews
sni3.    Apply this paste on toasts or whole wheat biscuits and enjoy them. shifanews


If you do not have dry tomatoes, take the pulp of one large sized tomato and chop the hard part of it. Tomatoes dried in the sun, however, taste better. Each serving (2 tablespoons) contains 90 calories. shifanews

Nutritional value

In this recipe the main ingredient is tomato and cottage cheese, these are the best sources of antioxidants called lycopene, which may lower the risk of prostate cancer. The recipe also contains Vitamin C, fiber and calcium from cheese. Overall their nutrition contributes to strong immunity, healthy bones and prevention from certain types of cancer due to use of tomatoes. The recipe can be used as a starter, sandwich filling or a healthy dip with meals or snacks. shifanews

cheese and tomato dip recipe

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