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Believe it or not

Eggs are ‘hot’ and oranges are ‘cold’; excessive milk intake gives fairer complexion and tea does the opposite. Blood donation causes permanent weakness. Honey is useful in winters – so forth and so on. We hear many such things that many people rather religiously follow. Mostly people use or abandon different things and practices on hearsay. This tendency about a matter as serious as health can be quite dangerous. In “Believe it or Not” we bring you common beliefs about health and truth about them  from experts.
Change shampoo every six months to prevent hair fall
This is only a misconception. In fact, it is better to stick to one shampoo. If the scalp is not washed daily, the oil secreted from the skin (sebum) accumulates and dries up. This makes hair follicles dry, scaly and rough. This in turn makes the scalp itchy and scratching breaks down hair. Moreover, debris collected on the scalp adds to the problem and promotes hair fall. Medicated shampoos like antidandruff or antiseptic shampoos should be used preferably twice a week. This reduces wear and tear of the hair follicles, thereby decreasing hair fall. Changing shampoos only means changes in chemicals and their concentration.
Dr Ijaz Ahmed
Professor, Dermatology
Ziauddin University, Karachi
Drinking water after eating watermelon or cucumber causes diarrhea
The association of diarrhea with eating watermelon or cucumber is not more than a myth. Water and fruit contamination are the actual causes of diarrhea. Moreover, sewerage water and even dirty field water for irrigation is used in our country that causes the disease. Poor hygienic conditions to store these fruits can also be one of the causes.
Dr Adeel Qamar
Mayo Hospital, Lahore
Cooking oil is better than ghee
Yes, it is true. Oil is no doubt better than ghee. However, there are new researches that say ghee can be good for individuals who are proactive and involve in intense physical activity throughout the day. This helps burns all the consumed calories. Generally, use of ghee, particularly banaspati cannot be recommended for everyone. Besides, use oil in moderate amount as excess oil is also unhealthy. Different oils can serve different purposes. For instance, corn oil can be used for cooking, extra virgin olive oil for dressing and desi ghee for occasional use.
Dr Shazia Erum
Dr Ziauddin Hospital, Karachi

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