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Three-year-old Ahmad, child of a poor family hailing from Rahim Yar Khan, was in constant pain. He had become irritable and it appeared on his face. His disease made him lose interest in everything including toys and food. All he did was cry. His parents were helpless and miserable. Alas, their suffering came to an end when one day their

وہ اپنے من میں بہت سے خواب لئے سعودی عرب میں مزدوری کر رہاتھاکہ اسے کسی خطرناک بیماری نے آن گھیرا۔ اس کی وجہ سے اسے وہاں کی ملازمت سے فارغ کر دیاگیا ۔ اسے اپنے کام کے حرج ہونے کا افسوس تھا‘ ا

It is no secret that there is dearth of female doctors in Pakistan. Do you think it is because females lack the opportunity to get medical education? Well, the answer is no. Interestingly, the number of females that graduate from medical colleges is more than that of male graduates. The chairman of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMD

Children are the precious thing on the face of earth. They light up the eyes of their parents and give them hope and power to do anything in the world. But when they get seriously ill, the life of parents becomes miserable. Arham Saqib was also such child whose illness made his parents feel dejected and helpless. He was born in October 20

Before you complete the first paragraph of this story, three people will be dead worldwide due to diabetes. And when you finish reading the story one will be dead in Pakistan. Considering such a huge magnitude of the disease, The World Health Organization (WHO) is observing the World  health day on 7 April, 2016, with the theme: “Beat

Life is beautiful if you are healthy and have adequate resources for living. But when there is some problem in the body, life gets out of track and things become dull and unexciting. And when you have to take medicines regularly, it makes things all the more miserable. 33-year-old Khawaja Abdul Basit, a resident of Rawalpindi, faced multi