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Winners Don’t Do Different Things, They Just Do It Differently


You may find it amusing if I tell you that one of my major problems is the amount of stuff I have to read to catch up. Some of it has been pending since the late sixties. If I go to a psychiatrist or a psychologist with this problem, he or she would simply ask me to throw most of the material and start afresh and begin enjoying life. This is the easy way out. The difficult one is to catch up.
Now I am finally realizing when in my mid-fifties that it is a lost battle and I would not be able to catch up. This is sad and depressing for me but I really do not know as to what I could have done differently: speed reading is the only thing I can think of as otherwise I have spent several hours each day during the past couple of decades reading.

Internet has not helped in this predicament. Almost everything that was kept by me so preciously is now available on the internet; and to make matter worst, with the passage of time, a lot of my pending reading is becoming out of date, particularly the scientific research.
I think one mistake that I made was not to make my reading plan. One gets what one plans for. We all can dream and aspire to achieve whatever. What good is all of this dreaming if we do not plan to give concrete shape to it? Every dream must take the form of a plan. I made the mistake of not sitting down, on a regular basis and planning out my strategy for achieving the dream. I should have thought through all of the details, and should have looked into the bottle-necks that were hindering my plan.
One excellent way to get the plan to work is to break it down into small, workable parts; and then to set a time frame for accomplishing each task on your dream plan. And then of course one has to work towards achieving the plan; one cannot accomplish it simply by wasting time. One simple way to calculate is to multiply by time your short-term tasks, and this would eventually equal your long-term goal. If you work on it each day, ultimately you will achieve your dream.

What we need is a vision which should inspire us to carry out the mundane. It however, goes without saying that the vision must be something which must be believable. You will have to be insane to dream that you can read all the books of this world; it is simply not possible.
Always remember that all of us have a certain amount of genius present within us. This intellect should be harnessed by us if we desire to realize our true aptitude and sharpen a specific skill.
One can always be smarter than the smart and smartest than the smarter. Being smarter is just about presence of mind and intelligent use of the intellect.
We cannot be good at everything. Stupid do not realize it and keep trying hard to get something which is difficult, if not impossible, for them; a person in his seventies aspiring to climb Mount Everest is one such impossible dream. What the smart do is to find out what they are good at and put their best skills to use. Practice makes a person perfect.

A smart person is always looking for gaining knowledge. So perhaps I was being smart when I aspired to read to my maximum capacity. But reading is not the only way to gain knowledge. One can gain it simply by being attentive; and by learning something new every day.
Being smart is, doing your job, and doing it in the best possible fashion. To do it best, you first need to know, what your job is. Thus, invest a little time in knowing what you have to do. Remember that winners do not do different things, they just do it differently.

The writer is a practicing lawyer at Supreme Court of Pakistan

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