I am Sarah’s tooth. Used for eating, as though, if I would cease to exist, eating would no longer be possible. “The moral of the above being, if you have teeth and want to be a boxer, go ahead without wearing ‘protector’ so that when the opponent boxer punches you there, and you lose them all, you still stand a fat chance to devour soft food stuff and liquids. The digestive system also takes it easy.
During the initial stages of my growth, I am known as milk tooth or in other words, deciduous which means I would not live for long. Soon my status becomes permanent. I have 31 colleagues (with me, we are 32) and are close knit, like bumper to bumper traffic. If there remains a gap between two of us, then I land up behind bars. In other words, I am artificially pressurized by braces, in order to obtain normal or common posture.

Sarah looks after me well. She brushes me twice a day, does not eat too many sweets which could cause decay. If one of us is affected by the germ, the others can be affected also, if instant care in not taken. After all Mr. Germ (decay) is like a visitor, who does not bother to knock just intrudes.

I better learn about ‘Public relations’ as Sarah’s been suggested a visit to the Dentist. The Dentist suggests that she should show me and my colleagues to her every six months, for a routine examination. Once, when my neighbor was extracted, Sarah was advised by the Dentist to have ice-cream. That was a real treat for me. So, ‘the public relationing’ paid off.
It is supposed that the years of wisdom are between 20 to 25, that is when the wisdom teeth appear. Their proper name is third molars. The rest are either incisors, canines etc. My wise counterparts are indeed very tough and can grind or chew a tough morsel.
That day, Sarah was at the dentist’s clinic to have us scraped and the plaque removed. On the same day, sitting at the clinic was an old lady whose denture were on her palm. She stared, with her mouth wide open, a gaping hole and Sarah could not contain her laughter. Naughty Sarah.

But now she makes sure my enamel standouts, white as a pearl all the time.

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