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We want to give you an idea as to what shape healthcare may take in future based on the ongoing research. However, it may take decades before these treatment modalities and/or discoveries are actually proven useful and are widely available.
Google Eye Implant
Research cornerThe Google Search Engine Company has recently invented a Google contact lens. It is developed to replace the eye’s natural lens to improve vision. The lens can correct short-sightedness and does not require glasses or extra contact lenses. Besides, the device also offers many other benefits like it could potentially read blood pressure, record glucose levels and wirelessly update the doctor and even restore vision for the blind. The eye implant is currently in clinical trials and would soon be in the market.
Artificial pancreas for diabetics
Research corner-1Researchers at the University of Virginia have developed a new ‘smart’ pancreas that supplies insulin through an automatic channel and is able to manage diabetes in children well. They are wearable and can track patient’s sugar level and adjust insulin accordingly. Two devices are used in it: a glucose meter and an insulin pump. These two are connected with each other through computer algorithm. The study was recently presented in the 99th annual meeting of the Endocrine Society, Orlando. It is tested on 12 children with type 1 diabetes, aged between five to eight years. The results are positive with reduction in their high sugar levels and episodes in low sugar incidence.
Injectable Brain Mesh
Research corner-2Researchers from the Harvard University have recently created a conductive polymer mesh that can be injected into the brain. The researchers believe that the mesh could monitor brain down to the individual neuron level. They hope it will enable them to treat stroke, Parkinson’s disease and certain other neurological disorders. They also hope to achieve a better understanding of higher level cognitive functions such as emotions and memory.

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