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“Happy New Year” is the slogan people chant when clock strikes 12 AM on 1st January every year. But does anyone know what actually makes a year happy for someone? Usually, happiness is associated with healthy body and economic wellbeing. If somebody wishes us New Year, he does his part. Our duty however, starts after this as staying healthy is in our hands. Every year we plan many things like getting a new bike or car, building a home or visiting relatives or generating more resources but few among us think about health. Health is also an asset but unfortunately it is usually overlooked. A healthy person is likely to enjoy his life to the fullest. Happiness becomes less meaningful if we are unable to enjoy it fully because of poor health. Every one of us to some extent or the other makes resolutions for the upcoming year. Even celebrities. Let’s see where does health fall in these resolutions.
SNI talks to a couple of celebrities about their health resolution for 2016.

“Shall exercise regularly &quit smoking” – Ali Azmat
Ali Azmat is renowned singer, songwriter and musician. He is best known as the lead singer for the influential Sufi rock band Junoon and for his subsequent solo career. Ali soon became a hit in the 90s especially after the song ‘Jazba-e-Junoon’ which became the signature song of the Cricket World Cup.
I have decided that I would avoid processed foods from 2016. My list of foods I already avoid or have reduced over the years include meat, bakery items, fizzy drinks, candies and potato chips. Now I want to go for more fruits and vegetables and fresh juices. Smoking is one of the bad habits which I plan to quit in the coming year. It is a bit difficult to get rid of it but if we make a resolution then nothing is impossible. Besides this, for healthy living, I prefer homegrown vegetables. Even my neighbors started kitchen gardening after getting inspired by this.
I get pure flour, rice, fresh vegetables and milk from a friend who lives in a nearby village. I also avoid broiler chicken as I have heard they affect the health. I would say that keep your life as natural as possible. As far as exercise is concerned sometimes I do cycling, martial arts or go for a walk. I know I have not been serious about this. For next year I promise myself to spare some regular time for these activities.

“Shall visit my doctor regularly” – Sohail Warraich
Sohail Warraich is a prominent Pakistani journalist, television host, analyst and media personality. He became famous for his unique hosting style in a popular program ‘Ek Din Geo k Sath’. He is also author of two books ‘ghaddar koun’ and ‘qatil kaun’.
My health resolution for 2016 is that I would be careful about my health and visit my doctor regularly. Being a diabetic I have to follow a strict diet plan. I have reduced my portion size considerably. I avoid taking a heavy lunch instead go for a cup of soup at noon. I also avoid cold drinks and if I have to I go for diet sodas. As far as exercise is concerned, honestly speaking I have not been able to do it regularly. I used to start it with a lot of passion but after a week I lost my interest. I mostly focus on improving diet to stay healthy. Smoking was a habit I had wanted to quit and have been successful since the past six months. Stress is not good for me so I try my best to stay cool and calm in my routine. My 2016 resolution includes sticking to not smoking for good and avoiding stress.

“Shall not compromise on health” – Iman Ali
The beautiful Iman Ali is a famous model and actress. Daughter of veteran artist, Abid Ali, Iman has acted in various drama serials but got recognition after her debut film ‘Khuda Kay Liye’  in 2007 and later acted as a supporting actress in the film ‘Bol’ in 2011.
I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) which is a neurological condition. It is difficult to live with it because one has to be very careful about his work routine and diet. I was diagnosed with it in 2011. What I have understood about MS during these four years is that it is not disease which will make you end up in a wheelchair. If you understand the disease from the beginning and make an effort to change your lifestyle, you will be better able to cope with it. Most important of all, multiple sclerosis is not life threatening and many live a normal life with it. The good thing is that I can still continue to go about my life, achieve my goals and be strong. I have followed a number of tips to get rid of MS symptoms like making changes in my diet, following an exercise plan, avoiding heat exposure and so on. But not religiously. So for 2016, I have decided to follow all instructions and suggestions of my doctor at every cost as I do not want to compromise on my health.

“Shall eat right to hale right” – Sarmad Sultan Khoosat
Sarmad Sultan Khoosat is a Pakistani actor, director and script-writer best known for directing the drama ‘Humsafar’. Son of veteran actor Irfan Khoosat, Sarmad rose to prominence during the mid 90s when he created the sitcom ‘Shashlick’. His recent venture is the flick, ‘Main Manto’ in which he starred as the title role.
What we eat works as fuel for our body. For last two years I have been trying to avoid processed foods to a great extent because it is not a good fuel. I think that right amount of food and right kind of food is necessary for keeping our body in good shape. So I am also focusing on it. I think most of us are aware somewhat about our body and its capacities but we do not take care of it. So my resolution is to eat right and hale right. If you ask about exercise then frankly speaking I am a bit lazy in this matter. But that is no excuse. Everyone should walk on regular basis. We should be kind to our bodies. Smoking is bad; quit it! Eating at inappropriate time is also a bad habit. I try my best to eat on time. Last year I missed exercise, took uncalculated diet which resulted in excess weight. I aim to resume exercise to reach my ideal weight in 2016.

“Shall eat less and workout more” – Abida Parveen
Abida Parveen, one of the world’s greatest mystic singers, is of Sindhi descent and one of the foremost exponents of Sufi music. She is best known for her songs ‘Yaar ko Humne’ and ‘Tere Ishq Nachaya’. She is arguably considered one of the finest Sufi vocalists of the modern era with a career spanning over four decades.
I will eat less and workout more. I will try my best to walk at least five days a week. I will also reduce meat portion from my diet. And instead include fruits and salads. Last year I missed my target due to lack of interest and tough work schedule. But for 2016 I have decided that I would maintain my health. I have to travel a lot, so sometimes it becomes difficult for me to fulfill my health resolutions. But a good thing about traveling is that it keeps me active. As I am traveling, I eat less, sleep less and work more and as a result I burn extra calories. Being a singer, I have to take care of my throat. I do not drink cold water, avoid ice cream and sour foods. In fact, I have been avoiding such things for the past 25 years. I have bought a treadmill so that I can walk at home as walking in a park is not possible for me. Besides this, I also sometimes walk in my courtyard. Everyone should try their best to stay healthy. Always eat healthy.

“Shall quit smoking” – Syed Talat Hussain
Syed Talat Hussain is a known journalist, foreign policy commentator and a television personality.
He started his career in the late 90s with the morning news show, ‘Sawairay Sawairay’ on PTV. Born in Chakwal, Talat is currently hosting a prime time current affairs talk show on Geo News titled ‘Naya Pakistan’ with Talat Hussain.
Cigarette is the only bad habit I have otherwise I do not drink and avoid parties. I have been smoking since my teenage so it is quite difficult to get rid of it. The good thing is that I have already decided to quit it. I am gradually tapering it off. For a start I started with smoking light cigarettes and after that reduced their quantity. Nowadays, I am using e-cigarette which helps you get rid of this bad habit. Besides this, I try to eat balanced diet. I do not eat deep fried and oily foods. I also walk and exercise in the morning regularly since many years. Another habit which keeps me healthy is going to bed at 11 pm and rising early in the morning. If we adopt a disciplined life it will help us rid of many health problems. I do not have any medical problem except a skin allergy which worsened due to inappropriate treatment. I actually made a mistake of going to a wrong doctor who treated me with steroids. I would say to the readers that whenever you have some health problem, please go to a specialist.

SNI hopes all celebrities fulfill their health goals and resolutions for 2016.
According to Dr M Irfan Malik, a pulmonologist at Lahore General Hospital Lahore, healthy diet and exercise minimizes risks for many problems like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and stroke. For this, switching our concept about health from treatment to prevention is highly important.
According to The World Health Organization, heart attacks, strokes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are three biggest causes of death in the world. Moreover, diabetes and hypertension kill 2.6 million people around the world. “These medical conditions are preventable and can be avoided through balanced diet and regular exercise,” says Dr Irfan before adding that “balanced diet means one should eat a combination of vegetables, fruits and cereals.”
Moreover, abstain from junk food. They are harmful not only for your own health but for your children’s health as well. Such foods cause obesity which leads to fatal diseases. “Obesity has become a challenge for the West, and it is in evolution in Pakistan. May be in next ten years we will have an obese generation,” warns Dr Irfan.
He further explains that half an hour exercise ideally seven days a week and preferably five days is important for sound health. “We have muscles and we should keep moving. Walk two miles in twenty minutes on regular basis,” he says.
To avoid health issues in the future, we should plan today. Spare time for your health by making a health resolution. So that every new year can bring happiness for you and your family. Happy New Year!

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