Are you looking for the best exercise program that is easy to learn and requires no equipment? Then be a regular reader of Fitness Guru. For your convenience all the techniques are demonstrated pictorially. This is an effort which aims to provide you with mental and physical fitness in the easiest and most affordable way.
Note: Check with your doctor or physiotherapist before starting any exercise. This is not meant to be a replacement for professional physiotherapy advice.

Yoga and breathing
Breathing properly is the basic principle for effective yoga. It should be deep, slow and rhythmic. This increases vitality and mental clarity. Breathing through the nose is the rule of thumb. It brings more oxygen to the blood and brain. Many people breathe through the mouth, which causes low resistance and impairs functioning of vital organs. Do not limit correct breathing to yoga exercises, make it a habit.

Tree pose
This technique develops awareness, balance, concentration and poise. It also strengthens legs, ankles, feet and hips. People who have headache, dizziness or knee, foot or hip injury should avoid doing this pose.

1- Stand with your spine straight holding your hands together stretched over your head. Your feet should be kept together.

2-Once you have positioned yourself, now lift your left leg bent at the knees and place the sole of your left feet on the inner thigh of your right leg. The knees of your left leg should be outwards. Close your eyes and stay in this posture for 30 seconds. Breathe normally. Repeat with the right leg.
Tip: Looking at a point in front and focusing on it without blinking will help you maintain your balance.


Bonus Tip

Roll that over
This pose is beneficial for getting rid of hiccups, crackling joints, dry rough skin, hair and brittle nails. It also helps relief constipation, dizziness, tinnitus (ringing or booming sensation in the ear), sleeplessness, sciatic pain and stress. Moreover, it improves concentration and balances the hormones.

1- Bring the index fingers of both hands to touch the base of the thumbs.

2- Next, place the thumbs over the fingers and press them with the thumbs.

Do this for a minimum of 10 minutes and 45 minutes maximum. You can divide the time. This pose can be done anytime between 2 am to 6 pm.

Shifa News International values the worthy contribution of Yogi Naheed, who also models herself to elaborate different exercises in this segment.

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