Mommy's Diary

اس کا کوئی مخصوص وقت نہیں ہے عموماً یہ 18 ماہ سے لے کرتین سال کی عمر تک شروع کی جاتی ہے۔مزیدبرآںجب مائیں اپنے بچوں میں مندرجہ ذیل باتیں دیکھیں تو انہیں سمجھ لینا چاہیے کہ اب بچے کوتربیت کی

“My two year old girl is highly sensitive to mosquito bites and always has huge red welts whenever she gets a bite,” says Maria's mother. The child also becomes irritable and restless. “Whenever I hear a buzzing sound, it makes me nervous. We cannot enjoy the outdoor because of Maria.” According to Dr Naila Mazhar, a pediatrician

Life can change within blink of an eye. The realization only comes once it actually happens to you. Asmara was almost two months old when her mother left her home with her husband to attend her son's parent-teacher meeting. When the mother came back after two hours, Asmara was peacefully sleeping in her father's arms. Seeing one's child

Ammar is just seven years old. And has become a great problem for his parents. He has poor focus, keeps turning and twisting, cannot sit still in classroom, remains in constant motion and often talks excessively. Teachers complain that he disrupts the whole class and never follows instructions. Even his projects are always incomplete and

I decided to take my six-year-old cousin Areeba, who suffers from Albinism to a valima ceremony with me. She was a bright, soft natured and a cheerful child. After sometime of our arrival, the other children started to point at her and whisper to each other. Some came close as if to inspect her and continued staring, some others laughed a

Five year-old Amar was diagnosed with viral fever. However, when the fever did not subside even after five days of treatment the doctor recommended a blood test as he suspected it to be typhoid. “I have heard a lot about typhoid fever and its aftereffects on health. But it is bothering me to know that despite taking so much care of my c