Believe it of not


Eggs are ‘hot’ and oranges are ‘cold’; excessive milk intake gives fairer complexion and tea does the opposite. Blood donation causes permanent weakness. Honey is useful in winters – so forth and so on. We hear many such things that many more people rather religiously follow. Mostly people use or abandon different things and practices on hearsay. This tendency about a matter as serious as health can be quite dangerous. In “Believe it or Not” we bring you common beliefs about health and truth about them  from experts.

Stress can cause headache
Yes, it can. There are different kinds of headaches: migraine, cluster and tension. Tension headaches happen because of stress. During this time a stress hormone, cortisol is released in the body that can cause tightening of the muscles around the head and dilation of blood vessels which can cause migraine. Pain or a gripping feeling can occur in the forehead, upper part and back part of the head. Tension and stress can also cause neck muscles to stiffen and tighten. Going for a walk can probably help in bringing down stress level. Moreover, a good massage along with a pain killer in an acute situation can help. But getting to the root of the problem should be the aim. As a long term approach, try solving the problem.
Dr Nazia Aziz, Psychologist
Shifa International Hospital
Sleeping without pillow helps maintain good posture
No, this is wrong. Neck muscles need support during sleep and without a pillow that cannot be achieved. It, in fact can cause problems in posture. Maintaining an appropriate sleeping posture is necessary to keep the body correctly aligned to avoid problems. A pillow therefore, is a must. The hardness or softness and thickness of the pillow is what matters. A soft and low heighted pillow should be preferred that keeps the neck flexible and does not increase the neck curve. People who use two pillows or one hard pillow will have altered neck curvatures. The alignment of the neck alters and becomes bony when the curve of the neck is more. This increases pressure on the muscles causing muscle spasm, pain and stiffness.
Dr Shaista Ambreen, Physiotherapist
Shifa International Hospital
Nosebleed occurs because of summer heat
Nosebleed is common in summers but it is not only related to summer heat.  It can occur in winters too. Bleeding occurs when the nose becomes too dry either due to summer heat or excessive use of heaters in cold season. The lining of the nose tip has tiny blood vessels which are sensitive. You tend to scratch or nose-pick when dryness occurs hence causing the nose to bleed. There is however, no definite cause of nosebleed. But dryness and high blood pressure can contribute to the problem. Drink lots of water to avoid dryness and maintain hygiene. Use saline drops to relieve dryness in adults. Once bleeding has occurred, do not panic. Go to the sink and determine which nostril is bleeding. Bend your head to the front and keep that nostril pressed for five to 10 minutes. It takes around six minutes for the blood to clot. If the bleeding persists then visit a doctor. Titling your head to the back can cause the blood to drain to the lungs.
Dr Mazhar Ali Mufti, Medical Specialist
Shifa International Hospital

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