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We want to give you an idea as to what shape healthcare may take in future based on the ongoing research. However, it may take decades before these treatment modalities and/or discoveries are actually proven useful and are widely available.

Hide wrinkles with your “Second Skin”
A team of scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard Medical School (HMS) have prepared a thin, elastic film which you can apply for a more youthful skin. They tested their prototype invention on some volunteers to help hide wrinkles from their skin and it worked. This skin is basically polysiloxane polymer that is made from oxygen and silicone molecules. It is synthetic and provides a protective and breathable layer to the skin. According to the report the claimed formula dries and forms a thin film on the skin and can change the entire look of a wrinkled person. Researchers say that this “false skin” helps enhance skin’s elasticity and locks moisture inside. Moreover, the skin is not visible, can work all day long, is waterproof and does not cause irritation. Presently, it is taken as a commercial cosmetic product; however scientists are hopeful that their “second skin” might be used as a sun protector and help deliver medicines in future.
Ask mirror about your body shape
Californian company, Naked has invented a new mirror to scan your physical changes in body. It checks your body dimensions, muscular mass and weight and displays it on your physical 3D avatar. It is called “Naked” and is the first 3D fitness tracker and body scanner. It consists of a mirror, smartphone app and a scale. It is equipped with sensors that contain Intel RealSense Technology for scanning your body. Not only this, it also pinpoints the changes in your fats and muscles. The aim of creating Naked was to motivate people about doing exercise in order to remain fit and healthy, told Sclater, the co-founder of the company.
Urinate to lit your room
Instead of flushing it away, one day you would be able to save your urine for powering your room because scientists have developed a method which creates renewable and economical electricity with the help of your urine cells. The new technology counts on the natural biological procedures of so-called electric bacteria that are living cells that breathe and eat electricity. Researcher, Mirella Di Lorenzo, a professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Bath, UK, says that these bacteria can easily transfer electrons through the breakdown of organic compounds.

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