Believe it or not


Eggs are ‘hot’ and oranges are ‘cold’; excessive milk intake gives fairer complexion and tea does the opposite. Blood donation causes permanent weakness. Honey is useful in winters – so forth and so on. We hear many such things that many more people rather religiously follow. Mostly people use or abandon different things and practices on hearsay. This tendency about a matter as serious as health can be quite dangerous. In “Believe it or Not” we bring you common beliefs about health and truth about them  from experts.

Gurr (jaggery) is better than sugar
It is just a myth. Especially for diabetics who think adding gurr in tea instead of sugar would not affect their diabetes. It has almost the same carbohydrates in it as the sugar does. People who want to reduce their weight should also keep in mind that it would not help them in the process, as its nutritional value is almost equal to that of the sugar.
Fariha Zeeshan, Dietician

Frequently holding your newborn spoils his habit
It is not proved medically. If a child’s pamper is wet or feels too cold or warm, he wants to be picked up. If he is properly fed and kept in a comfortable environment then he remains peaceful for most of the time. Sometimes, babies want to be cuddled and loved. It is natural and parents should give them proper time. Children who want to be held all the time even as they grow are actually tamed in their early days by their parents and relatives. But parents should not be worried about it. They can taper off the habit gradually.
Dr Shahid Aslam, Pediatrician
Doctors Hospital and Medical Center
Pregnant women should avoid exercise
This is a misconception. Generally, elderly women advice pregnant women to avoid exercise as they think it can lead to bleeding or miscarriage. But it is not true. Women should exercise keeping in mind while working out they should not exhaust or tire themselves. A normal, light workout in fact is good for them. Overexertion to the point of tiredness should however, be avoided.
Gulshan Ara Saeed, Gynecologist
Shifa International Hospital

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